“Romy you truley have yet to fail to amaze both Maram and I with your natural ability to capture such beautiful images. You have a unique eye and gift and a passion for what you do that makes what you do so much better than most others. We couldn’t be happier that you were the one to capture these beautiful images for us. Sometimes business leads to true friendships, and we both feel this is one of those occasions. Thank you muchly from the bottom of our hearts for the incredible images and the good times!” ~Sid + Maram

“Romy…A remarkable photographer with a creative approach in taking pictures and a personable attitude that allows his clients to feel comfortable and natural in some of the most important moments of their lives. Romy provided us ease in being aware and familiarizing himself to Indian wedding traditions and critical pictures to capture; no guidance was needed which allowed us to enjoy our time with our family and friends without fearing anything would be missed. He demonstrates professionalism but above all, the energy and passion that he brings to his work is what allows him to exceed the expectations of his clients. We cannot thank you enough for the lasting impression you left on us and the beautiful memories you helped us create.” ~Tal + Kristen

“Highly personable, creative and innovative, there is a reason why Romy is one of the most in-demand photographers. In 2009 (before he got insta-famous), my wife and I invited him to shoot our wedding. Romy is an artist, and what makes him unique is that he lets you be a part of the entire creative experience. For example, with Romy’s vision, we co-created a Glee-influenced, commercial-style storyline for our engagement photos – the results were out-of-the-box and spectacular! Since 2009, we have recommended Romy to our closest friends who have also chosen him to shoot their special days. As a photographer, Romy has grown incredibly, and I love following him on Instagram for his latest portrait shots!” ~Shawn + Deepa

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